Precision Volleyball Club

Team Philosophy and Goals

The highest potential of sports is achieved when athletes reflect the "six core pillars of character." 

Precision volleyball believes all athletes can accomplish their goals through the essential  elements of sportsmanship, character-building and ethics in sport. This is based on six core  principles: 

trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship.

Precision volleyball was created to offer aspiring athletes the opportunity to flourish through technically  accurate skill development. In other words, the game is more fun as skills get better, and skills get better as athletes experience proper coaching. In addition, we believe that those who want to improve the most  will find a way to improve. As coaches we seek to provide the optimum environment for athletes to first  improve skill, then become progressively more competitive, accountable, and leadership oriented. As a  club we believe strongly in providing a great opportunity for athletes to grow technically, tactically and  psychologically.